Summer 2022 is officially here in Ireland!

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 Established in 2010, we are proud be one of the only, bespoke handcrafted wooden planter producers, in Ireland. We offer both Classic & Contemporary style. 

Our planters provide an opportunity to enhance the overall quality & beauty of your garden or terrace area, with a natural rustic structure.  Our custom made planters are created using pressure treated timber suitable for external use. Our timber is similar to decking and garden fencing wood. 

Be it your garden, or balcony, a pub , café or hotel, the Dublin Planter company can help you to design and structure your desired outdoor space. We provide first rate customer service and high quality products to customers right across the length and breadth of Ireland. Email to order. 


‘"We have been using the Dublin Planter Company for about 5 years now. Great quality products which are long lasting in a harsh environment. Not only do they add great colour to the exterior, they are flexible in terms of positioning to manage parking etc., and are much more robust than flower pots. I’d highly recommend them."
"It was a pleasure to deal with Gary from start to finish. Your advice was much appreciated and we would highly recommend dealing with The Dublin Planter Company and the Liverpool wit "


How can I look after/ maintain my planters for the years to come?

The weather may cause all woods (pressure treated or not) to expand and contact which occasionally can result in a cosmetic naturally occurring ‘split’ in all timbers.  Unfortunately this is something we cannot 100% guard against but can reassure that this is not structural weakness.

We endeavour to use quality locally sourced pressure treated timber to limit this happening but have a few advisory actions to take should you need to cosmetically hide any minor imperfections that may appear over its time.

·       Apply a small amount of Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler – ( Natural)

·       Allow to dry and lightly sand with fine sand paper

Apply 2 x coats for paint / stain.


Contact Number : 083 356 1326