About Us

Gary is a Time Served Ship Wright Boat Builder / Carpenter with over 30 years experience in Woodcraft.  His garden planters reflect his passion for period design and uses this time honoured skill set to make bespoke and contemporary style creations.

Established in 2010, Gary started out simply making pieces to work in his own family garden. He had numerous requests from friends, escalating outwards subsequently growing into a small business. 

He now shares his creativity with residential and business customers alike, all of whom are looking to make the most of their outdoor space. He sources all his materials locally, his workshop is in Clane, Co Kildare but delivering right across Ireland.

He is a member of Design & Crafts Council Ireland

Our planters are all made as custom orders as experience has shown that each commission has different requirements, and providing a completely made to order service gives a much better result for the installations.

Each planter is made of pressure treated timber constructed with inner joins to provide the strength and resilience needed to hold the soil and plants for a long time.

We find that there are many installations where our planters are used to de-mark spaces, such as cafes and pub gardens.  With outdoor spaces increasing in the current climate our planters provide a strong secure way of providing an instant garden on the street.



How can I look after/ maintain my planters for the years to come?

The weather may cause all woods (pressure treated or not) to expand and contact which occasionally can result in a cosmetic naturally occurring ‘split’ in all timbers.  Unfortunately this is something we cannot 100% guard against but can reassure that this is not structural weakness.

We endeavour to use quality locally sourced pressure treated timber to limit this happening but have a few advisory actions to take should you need to cosmetically hide any minor imperfections that may appear over its time.

·       Apply a small amount of Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler – ( Natural)

·       Allow to dry and lightly sand with fine sand paper

Apply 2 x coats for paint / stain.